Abhinav Kohli Leaks Whatsapp Chat With Shweta Tiwari After She Denies Moving In With Him, “I Am A Vic`tim Of Vic`tim Card”

Shweta Tiwari has had her part of ups and lows in life. She had a failed marriage with Raja Choudhary where she was abused physically. And just when things started to look good with her second husband Abhinav Kohli, everything went on a downward roll. A few days back, a cryptic post from Abhinav Kohli has even pointed that she might have reunited but Shweta Tiwari has ensured it all farce. But Shweta recently denied all such claims. Now, Abhinav Kohli has come out to talk his side.

Abhinav Kohli and Shweta Tiwari

In an interview with ET Times, Abhinav opened up about the domestic violence case and revealed that there has vever been such case filed against him. He was quoted saying, “I totally stand by what I said. 11th August 2019 ko joh case file hua tha woh Shweta ne nahi file kiya tha and nor has she filed any complaint ever against me. So whatever our complaint is, the DCP of our zone has made a video and is on the internet.”

Meanwhile, Abhinav took to social media and shared screenshot of a whatsapp conversation with wife Shweta Tiwari from April 2020. In the screenshot, Shweta’s name has been saved as ‘Mrs. Cuddles Kohli’ and the conversation was around the daily discussions of a husband and wife. Abhinav captioned the screenshots as “This is our conversation on the 12th April 2020. Lavu/Lovu is Palak Tiwari. I am a victim of victim card.” Take a look at the screenshot.

Abhinav Kohli leaks Whatsapp conversation

Abhinav Kohli also shared a screenshot of the open letter shared by Palak Tiwari stating that her step-father Abhinav Kohli never physically molested her. Palak, however, deleted the post after some time and is now shared by Abhinav. He captioned it, “Lovu why would you delete this post from your Instagram?” Check out the screenshot.

Palak Tiwari deleted post
Palak Tiwari open letter shrared by Abhinav Kohli

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