Ananya Pandey’s Schoolmate Revealed That She Used Multiple Boys To Get Success

Ananya Pandey is making headlines these days as her debut movie,Student Of The Year 2 was a okay hit at the box-office. Most people believe that she managed to perform well in the said film and might prove her worth in her upcoming movies. But today something otherworldly happened. A Twitter user who appears to be Ananya’s school mate shamed her openly unapologetically on Twitter!

Recently, Ananya and her mother (Bhavana Pandey) shared on social media  that Ananya got a seat in the USC (University of Southern California) but the reality is that she hasn’t. For this, a schoolmate of hers calls her out for doing faking it. That’s when Ananya threatened the girl who exposed her on instagram.

A girl on instagram who goes by the name of “anieeepeee”  revealed that Ananya and her friends made it a point to talk bad about her and her friends, started gossiping about them so on and so forth, later she also said that she would not be getting into that muck and would just be stating the facts and “spilling the beans”.

The girl further stated  “people who claim to be hardworking but in reality, they haven’t done anything to get to where they are today.”

Thereafter she went on to reveal all the dirty relationships Ananya was in and how she used to cheat all the guys after she had gotten what she wanted from them!

The girl also dragged Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan’s name in the tweets where it has been mentioned that Ananya states “Aryan’s her man because Dharma + Red Chillies is the ultimate combination to rule Bollywood.”

Later, Anieeepeee received a series of DM’s from Ananya Pandey’s verified Instagram account where Ananya clearly apologises for all her crass behaviour and also said that she has taken down all stories related to Anieeepeee and in return she begged ‘anieeepeee’ to take down every single story  related to her.

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