BB13 Video: Rashami Desai & Sidharth Shukla Fight Again, He Calls Her ‘Naukrani’ & She Yells ‘Teri Maa Bhi Naukrani’

Bigg Boss house has once again turned into a battlefield as the fight between Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla have intensified. Sidharth Shukla came back from the secret room and is on a rage. He and Rashami will be seen fighting with each other and calling names. The fight has ensued between Sidharth Shukla and Asim, Rashami and Arhaan on the other side.

In the video, Sidharth Shukla can be heard calling Rashami Desai terms like ‘aisi ladki’ and ‘naukrani’ during his argument with Arhaan Khan. This clearly did not go well with Rashmi. She was enraged and turned red in anger. Later, she blasted Shukla and accused him of judging her character, not respecting women and went onto to call his mother a naukrani in return. Further, shouting at the top of her voice, Rashami used terms like ‘neech,’ ‘kamchor’ and ‘kayar’ for Sidharth. We got to wait for tonight to see what happens further. Check out the video:

This Sidharth Shukla VS Rashami Desai feud has divided their fans. While many slammed Rashami, Sidharth, too, was at the receiving end of criticism. “Cheap mentality ka Shukla calling Rashami Desai “Naukaraani” Sahi Bolta hai Asim Riaz – Shukla ko Ladkiyoo SE baat karne ki Bilkul Tameez nhi hai.. Jab se Asim Captain Bana hai Tab se JaL rahi hai Shukla ki aur uske guron ki. Shame on you Sidharth Shukla,” wrote a user, while another tweeted, “#RashamiDesai Calls #Sid’s Mother A Naukrani.

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