Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Shocking Details, Said He’s A Liar & Didn’t Return Her Money Too

Arhaan Khan seems to be a total fraudster today. While a few weeks back, everything seems to be like a paradise for Rashami Desai, today her world might be falling apart. Last weekend, Salman Khan revealed the truth about his marriage and child and now there are many other horrifying details about the contestant that are coming to the fore. To know more about Arhaan Khan and his past truth, a leading news daily talked to his ex-girlfriend to know if she knew about his previous marriage or not.

Arhaan Khan’s ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa has revealed new details about him. She said, “I met Arhaan in a party, it was in 2006 through a common friend. He was after me from the time he saw me at the party. We were kind of attracted to each other. After six to seven days he just came to my house with his luggage and everything. He told me that he had some problem with his house and he doesn’t have money so can you support me? That time I was staying in Lokhandwala. I told him see we can do one thing we can take another flat till the time you are not earning enough. So, that is when we shifted in together and we were in a live-in relationship for around five years.”

She added, “During those five years, we changed three flats and then there came a time when I was fed up of doing everything for him while he was earning nothing. He was struggling for work. He used to be at home, I was doing all the things like from rent to all the expenses. I was the one who was supporting him totally, he was not earning a single penny.”

She further said, “Then after five years he vanished for a year in between, that is how our relationship went wrong. I used to ask him when will he be back and he used to tell me that I will be earning some money in my dad’s business and then come back and support you. Like that, he totally vanished for a year but then one day he called me and told me that I got married and later denied it saying I am joking. So, that is the kind of person he is.”

“Arhaan is the kind of person who uses girls as ladder for his career and for money that is what he has been doing since all these years. He was in touch with me five months before he entered Bigg Boss. He took 5 lakh from me and whatever I did for him in those five years I am not counting that, this is the hard cash that he took from me,” she added.

Dhanoa also filed an FIR against Khan. She said, “I have filed an FIR against him but I have asked them to hold the legal proceedings because it is better if things get settle normally, I don’t want to go to the court. If he gives me my money back it is fine, if not then I have all the legal agreements of us staying together as husband and wife. I also have the cctv footage when we met five months before he entered the show. I have all the proofs. I just want him to make a confession and return my money.”

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