Here’s What You Need To Know When Planning Your Punta Mita Vacation..

Punta Mita stands out as a travel destination few people know much about. This is a beachfront tropical village that is right to the north of Banderas Bay, in Nayarit state. By car you will reach your chosen Punta Mita vacation destination in just around 40 minutes from the airport in Puerto Vallarta.

Since the number of people interested in arranging a Punta Mita vacation is constantly growing, here are some things that you should know. They are going to help you organize the vacation or simply offer some information that you will like. As already mentioned, the best place to first go to is Puerto Vallarta. Besides this, be aware of the following.

Punta Mita Town Facts

  • In the year 1973, Punta Mita was established as an upscale, private travel destination aimed towards those that wanted to get away from the cities to a place that is stunning and welcoming. This was possible thanks to a developer that bought the 1,500 acres peninsula.
  • In the year 2000, the biggest resort in the area was built, a branch of the well-known Four Seasons. This was a big moment in the area’s history. The community created then was named Punta Mita and the region outside the gates is what is locally known as Punta de Mita. Just years later, St. Regis appeared, together with numerous luxury homes that were placed behind gates.
  • Punta Mita practically means “Gateway to Paradise”. With such a name you already know what to expect.

When Should You Visit Punta Mita?

The Punta Mita high season is between the months of November and April. The destination is at the same exact latitude as the Hawaiian Islands so you can expect roughly around the same climate. When you travel during late February, which is quite popular, you can expect temperatures that are high 70s.

The really hot summer months are August and July. Locals always tell you the fact that it is much better to avoid Punta Mita during these months since the weather is simply way too hot.

Where Should You Stay In Punta Mita?

In Punta Mita there are 2 major resorts, St. Regis and the Four Seasons. There are also 14 lovely residential communities. Make sure that you think about the amenities that are offered. For many it is a great idea to choose the major resorts but if you want complete privacy, it is better to just look for private opportunities. This is usually the case when you are interested in true luxury.

What Can You Do In Punta Mita?

In Punta Mita there are actually numerous things that can be done. Some that you may want to consider include the following:

If you reside within gates you do not need to pay a fee at the Kupuri Beach Club. This is a modern establishment that is located on Litibu Bay so it features so many beautiful white sand beaches. Visit between the hours of 10 AM and 9:30 PM. If you want to relax, the upper level is the one you want and if you visit, be sure to consider the lovely Brava Beach.

  • Sea Breeze Beach Club at St. Regis

Opening hours are 11 AM and 11 PM. Private cabana service is available. If you do not stay at St. Regis, you need to pay, together with what is spent on beverage and food consumption. This is a beach club that is a favorite among many travellers, with really good reviews. Keep in mind that fresh catch is brought in at around 11:30 AM. You can buy based on the indications of the chef.

  • Sayulita Day Trip

Reaching Sayulita takes just half an hour if you choose a rental car. Once you reach the destination you will find a very quaint and small beach town that can really quickly be visited by foot. You will definitely love the way in which the city is decorated and if you love textiles, the shopping experience here is something you will appreciate thanks to the numerous local artisans that show their work.

  • A Tour Of Las Mauritius Island

Such a tour will last one day and according to many different travel bloggers, the destination should seriously be considered. Make sure that you do take this into account as you might love what you see.

  • Fishing

Deep sea fishing and coastal fishing are available, together with kayak fishing for those that are more adventurous. Full day and half day fishing packages are available. Normally, when you go on a fishing trip you also get access to a beach club for the price you pay.

Where Should You Eat In Punta Mita?

Various great restaurants can be considered, with the following often being recommended:

  • Las Marietas – Casual establishment featuring Authentic Mexican cuisine.
  • Carolina – Upscale dining.
  • Sea Breeze – California contemporary cuisine.
  • Mita Mary’s Seafood Boat – Offers on-sand dining.

All these restaurants are within St. Regis so be sure to conduct an extra research if you look for a place to eat at in another part of Punta Mita.


Punta Mita is gaining popularity and it is hard to anticipate when it will become crowded. Right now it is a rather secluded and relaxing getaway spot that is sort of a secret among those that actually discover it. Punta Mita should be on your list because of how beautiful it is.

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