Hindustani Bhau Responds To Ekta Kapoor’s Video On Getting Rape Threats, “Uski Family Ko Pura Hindustan Gaali De Rha Hai”

Ekta Kapoor was in a fuzz recently when FIR was lodged against her for disrespecting the national emblem after Hindustani Bhau complained against the same. After an FIR was filed against her, Ekta Kapoor released a video where she was seen talking about receiving rape threats. And now we have Hindustani Bhau himself responding on the same.

Hindustani Bhau Ekta Kapoor case

In a response video to Ekta Kapoor rape threats allegations, Hindustani Bhau has made some controversial remarks and also claimed that his video had been taken down. While sharing the video, he wrote, “kitne Bhi Videos Delete Kar Mere Ab Ye Hindustan Tujhe Chodega Nahi.” In the video, he can be seen asking his fans if they watched Ekta’s video or not. “Usko bahot bura lag raha hai, ki uski family ko pura hindustan gaali de raha hai na,” he said. Sharing about his now-deleted video, Hindustani Bhau said, “Mera video bhi udaaya, kal ka video, notice wala.”

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Hindustani Bhai went on to say that he will make four times such videos for every deleted video. “Jo ukhaadna hai, ukhaad lena,” he said.

Earlier this morning, we gave you the news of Ekta Kapoor getting rape threats after an FIR lodged against her. In a video shared by Viral Bhayani, Ekta said, “This gentleman (referring to Hindustani Bhau)  who thinks that he’s the ‘patriot of the year’ decided to come out there, abuse my mother and me. And now, he has openly put a rape threat on a social platform. This is now no longer about the army or sexual content because the irony of this is ‘rape a girl, rape her son, rape her 71-year-old mother’ for making sexual content. It means sex is bad but rape is okay?”

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