Sara Ali Khan Has Something Interesting To Say On Comparison With Her Mom Amrita Singh

Sara Ali Khan is definitely the talk of the town currently. No star kid has gotten so much love and such acceptance by the people as much has been received by this young Columbia University graduate. On her first chat show appearance itself, Sara Ali Khan proved that she has the genius of her father Saif Ali Khan and the humor of her mother Amrita Singh. She is the perfect crazy offspring of two crazy people and she has accepted that publicly.

After watching her in her movies, Sara has been compared to her mother Amrita Singh a number of times. And it’s not just her looks but her style and demeanour as well that reflect Amrita Singh’s aura and vibe. On a recent chat show interview, Sara Ali Khan finally spoke up about being compared to her mother. Here’s what she had to say,


“I took a picture of me in purple lipstick and there was a picture of my mom thirty years ago in purple lipstick. It’s more of DNA and chance. I felt ‘Wow, we are doing the same thing’ but I don’t know about acting. She is an extremely fine actor and it will take me a long time to be compared to her.”

Earlier, in an interview with DNA, Sara revealed her mom, Amrita Singh’s reaction to her film. She said, “Mom had heard the narration and she had also seen some rushes. But she still cried in the climax, so that was a big one for me.” In another interview with, Sara talked about her weight loss journey and said, “I was 96 kg at the time when I told my mother, sitting on the bed crying and saying, ‘Mom, all I want to do is become an actor.’ Then, she said that you need to lose weight. And, it took me about a year-and-half to lose that weight. So, I completed the remaining two years of my graduation in a year so that I can return and start working early.”

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