Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has been one of the most mysterious deaths in Bollywood so far. Even after around three months, there has been no justified closure to the case. Many people from the industry came forward to voice their opinion on his death. Now actress Shamin Mannan has come forward and spoken on the same. She has even talked about the fact that no matter what, depression isn’t something that makes a person so weak. And that too a person like Sushant, who was so intelligent and made it to the top with just his talent and hard work. Shamin Mannan Speaks On Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death “Stop Demeaning Depression As Taboo, It Doesn’t Make You Weaker”.

Shamin Mannan

As reported by Spotboye, Shamin said, “Though I didn’t know Sushant personally, but I have been following Sushant’s case since day one, and have been awaiting a justified closure just like the whole country. With so many different theories and speculations around his mysterious death, it’s heart-wrenching to not have any clarity even after two months. Sushant achieved all the success in his life relying on sheer talent and hard work, and one should refrain from speculating anything wrong about his lifestyle or mental health condition and remember him just as the success story that he was. With the depression angle added to the speculation theories, I don’t know if he was depressed, but I wish people don’t demean depression as a taboo and understand depression doesn’t make you a weaker person.”

Shamin also mentioned that Sushant was an inspipration for so many actors including her, “Sushant has been a role model for so many actors like me, his career graph personally inspired me to work hard towards my goal. He seemed so motivated in his career, and at the same time, he was so intelligent with so much knowledge about everything, not just limited to acting. He was not just an actor, he was much more than that.”

Shamin concluded by saying that Sushant’s family deserve justice and hopes that truth will be out soon. She was quoted saying, “Be it a murder or suicide, Sushant and his family deserve justice and respect. There are too many questions yet to be answered. Having faith in the system and CBI, I believe the truth will come out sooner or later and justice will prevail.”
Shamin Mannan Speaks On Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death “Stop Demeaning Depression As Taboo, It Doesn’t Make You Weaker”.