Throwback: Sunny Leone’s documentary, That Traces Her Journey From Adult Stardom To Bollywood; Check It Out

Sunny Leone is a  ravishing actress, a power-packed talent house, an amazing dancer, and undoubtedly an amazing personality; but despite all this, the actress has put her best feet forward in the Bollywood industry by giving some stellar performances. Working from adult movies in Hollywood to taking up lead female star’s space on the big screen in Bollywood, her journey is nothing less than a roller coaster ride.

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone

The documentary is the tale of Karenjit Kaur Vaura, born to an immigrant Sikh family in Ontario. She resists the unbending and moralistic model of her way of life. After moving with her family to California, she stumbles into the world of pornography entertainment, rebranding herself Sunny Leone. She made significant progress as a grown-up on-screen actress, being titled ‘Penthouse Pet of the Year’.

Sunny Leone

The film at that point centers around her transition to India, entering Bollywood and confronting all the difficulties and disgrace, establishing herself into the very culture she had once in the past dismissed. In India, she has been the ‘most Googled’ big name for almost five years, she gained massive social media followings, and is in general having a fruitful career. Mostly the former porn star Sunny is coordinated by producer and photojournalist Dilip Mehta and produced by Craig Thompson. Says Mehta about the film:

“The story of Sunny Leone is entrancing on the grounds that it addresses such a significant number of relevant and conflicting themes. On one habd it’s an outsider story – however a story dissimilar to some other. Simultaneously, it’s an impression of how in India, culture and religion keep on being a wellspring of contention with the ‘Western’ lifestyle.”

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